Adult Group Coaching

There are lots of reasons to start playing tennis

Its a great way to keep fit, make new friends, maybe to spend quality time with the kids, 

or you’re retired and looking for a way to stay active.

Tennis is one of the few sports you can play at any age.

Let's find a group for you! 

  • Beginners 

    No or little tennis experience

    We teach

    • Technique

    • Basic tactics

    • Court positioning and more

  • Intermediates

    Haven’t played for years?

    At least 2 years playing experience and tactically aware.

  • Advanced 

    Very competent,

    playing in social and competitive matches.

  • Cardio Sessions

    A high energy tennis workout,

    ball fed by coach to music.

    Great exercise for all fitness
    levels, little technical coaching.

Contact information: 

Windsor Lawn Tennis Club

Royal Windsor Way

Windsor, Berkshire


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